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2019 Call for Nominations for Leadership Positions on IASN Committees and Board

As part of the Restructure of IASN, the following expertise and positions are needed. This is a call for nominations (self or others) for individuals to fill these positions as Board members and/or committee chairs and members.  Consent to serve and Roles needed found here.

Great NEWS!   Less $$   IASN has decreased dues by $15. Dues for Active/Associate/Retired/Student members have been lowered since division dues are no longer appropriate.  Renew or Join NOW!

IASN 2018 Conference Handouts and Resources are under the Resources tab.

ISBE School Health Advisory Committee Meetings on School Wellness- SHAC. School Nurses can call in with suggestions. 
School Wellness

Chart stating “Who is in the Health Office” and what they are doing! Check it out!   WhoisintheSchoolHealthOffice.docx

Check out what Illinois school nurses are doing on the LYLS column under “About Us”

Information on Research, Awards & Scholarships for Research Projects, Achievements & Financial Help for School Nursing Students can be found under the Foundation Tab above &/or click on Awards & Scholarships in the blue Quick Link box.

Reach out to NASN National Association of School Nurses at