PEL-CSN McHenry Community High School District 156

To post a vacancy for a School Nurse, email information to Kristy Dugan at Please add IASN job posting in the subject line. Note to school districts and to nurse applicants: Nurse positions that require school nurse certification, properly referred to as a Professional Educator License, endorsed in school nursing, must meet the requirements in Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/21B-25) regarding salary and benefits. As stated in the school code, If the position requires certification, the employee who is a “holder of such an endorsement is entitled to all of the rights and privileges granted holders of any other Professional Educator License, including teacher benefits, compensation, and working conditions.” If a certified school RN is hired for a position that required or preferred certification, the RN is entitled to placement on the teacher contract.      
McHenry Community High School District 156 Published: July 15, 2019
McHenry, IL.
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McHenry Community High School District 156 has an opening for a PEL-CSN School Nurse at the East and West Campus. Traveling is required.

  • The McHenry High Schools provide a comprehensive education for approximately 2,300 students.
  • The district has two four-year (9-12) high school campuses a mile and half apart.
  • Class scheduling is a traditional eight-period day, 45-minute class periods, and a 45-minute lunch.
  • Approximately 75% of our graduates attend post-secondary educational or vocational institutions
  • Voters approved a $44 million dollar expansion project in the fall of 2018 to build a state-of-the-art Center for Science, Technology, and Industry
  • Future plans include switching the educational structure to one 9th grade campus (East) and one 10-12 grade campus (West).

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest to Julia Pontarelli, Director of HR and Shae Gibour, Director of Student Services,

Terms of Employment:

  • Responsible To: Building Principal and the Director of Student Services
  • Location: East & West Campus - Traveling is required
  • Calendar: 180 Day / School-Year Employee + summer days as assigned
  • Daily Schedule: 7:15 am - 3:00 pm
  • Benefits: Eligible for medical benefits and paid leave. Please see the McHenry Community High School Educators’ Association (MCHSEA) Collective Bargaining Agreement for more information on benefits associated with this position.
  • Salary: Please see the McHenry Community High School Educators’ Association (MCHSEA) Collective Bargaining Agreement for more information.
  1. Issued Illinois Professional Educator License
  2. School Nurse endorsement required
  3. Sincere interest in young adults and a philosophy of humaneness as an educator
  4. Ability to work closely with other staff members
  5. Must possess the physical strength to occasionally assist in lifting students. Must be able to bend and perform CPR as needed.
  6. Must respect confidentiality of sensitive information.
  7. Strong computer skills
  8. Must be detailed oriented with excellent oral and written communication skills
  9. Excellent time management skills
  10. Ability to work efficiently under minimum supervision
    Responsibilities / Duties:
  1. Must perform all responsibilities in a professional manner consistent with district policy and practices
  2. Maintain student health records
  3. Facilitate student health assessments / screenings (hearing and vision)
  4. Complete medical reviews / health histories
  5. Accurately store and dispense medication
  6. Consult with teachers, parents, and other team members
  7. Write and maintain health plans and medical 504’s
  8. Notify parents and building administrators regarding students who are severely ill or injured
  9. Lead professional development training to all staff as assigned (ie. Diabetes Training)
  10. Submit accurate and timely reports as required by various health agencies and the state.
  11. Order and maintain all health supplies for the Nurse’s Office.
  12. Provide first aid to students and staff as needed
  13. Assume authority to provide emergency care for ill and injured students on school premises until emergency personnel arrive, under the supervision of the building administration
  14. Participate in IEP staffing meetings as requested
  15. Perform other duties as assigned