School Nurse - Lyons School District 103

To post a vacancy for a School Nurse, email information to Kristy Dugan at Please add IASN job posting in the subject line. Note to school districts and to nurse applicants: Nurse positions that require school nurse certification, properly referred to as a Professional Educator License, endorsed in school nursing, must meet the requirements in Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/21B-25) regarding salary and benefits. As stated in the school code, If the position requires certification, the employee who is a “holder of such an endorsement is entitled to all of the rights and privileges granted holders of any other Professional Educator License, including teacher benefits, compensation, and working conditions.” If a certified school RN is hired for a position that required or preferred certification, the RN is entitled to placement on the teacher contract.      
Lyons School District 103 Published: August 28, 2019
Lyons, Illinois
Job Type



Illinois Professional Educator License with School Nurse Endorsement

  • Current Registered Nurse licensure in State of Illinois
  • Current First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation program completion
  • Experience in nursing and completion of a school health orientation program (preferred)
  • Illinois Certification as a Vision and Hearing screening technician (preferred)


SUPERVISES:  School nurse interacts with school principals to evaluate health care services provided by health aides

JOB GOAL: To provide direct nursing services to students and staff members to maximize health and wellness in the school community. All duties are performed in accordance with district/state board of education policies and procedures and state law regarding nurse practice.  School nurse works with administration in developing 504 plans for students.


Nursing Care

  • Provides direct professional nursing services, first aid, illness, and emergency care to students and staff in response to the nursing assessment and in accordance with professional standards, school policy and procedures, and state and local  mandates.
  • Administers medication with appropriate documentation.
  • Participates in maintaining accurate medical records to assure compliance with state mandates including immunizations, physical examinations, and medical conditions, and the related archival responsibilities.
  • Performs mandated screening procedures for vision and hearing (requires state credentials as a screener).
  • Makes appropriate assessment and referrals for suspected abuse/neglect as a mandated reporter.


  • Maintains communication with the teachers, other school personnel, and parents/guardians to enhance cooperative action which will meet the health and safety needs of students.
  • Provides health services, information, and counseling in an effective and positive manner  to enhance the health and wellness of the school community.
  • Completes accident/incident reports for students/staff.
  • Compiles data for statistical purposes.
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding all school and health-related issues.


Coordinates health aides to:

  • Maintain a daily log of student/staff visits and documentation on individual health records
  • Maintain the daily environment of the health office facility and supplies
  • Utilize existing technology effectively in the performance of duties.
  • Perform other health or school related work as required.

Professional Development

  • Maintains contact with a professional nursing organization and utilizes continuing education opportunities to enhance professional knowledge
  • Participates as an active member of the school community, representing health/wellness.

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