Nominations for Leadership Positions

This is an opportunity to assist IASN in identifying members with these skill sets who are willing to use their skills and expertise in IASN.  If any of these roles interest you or you think they may interest a peer, or you think of a member who is good at these responsibilities, please nominate yourself or a peer.

Each nominee please fill out the Consent to serve form below for each position.
Consent to serve form for all Nominations –  Consent to Serve19

Election Schedule
19-20  President (current President-Elect)
19-20  President-Elect, President 20-22  Re-elect in 2020  2022 and 2024
19-20  Treasurer    Re-elect in 2020           2022
19-21  Governance   Re-elect in 2021           2023
19-21  Advocacy     Re-elect in 2021           2023
19-20  Marketing    Re-elect in 2020           2022
19-21  Education    Re-elect in 2021           2023
19-23  NASN Director - 4 year term             2023
19-20  Leadership Identification - 1 year term 2020  3 needed