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School nurse professional educator licensure with an endorsement in school nursing recognizes the unique knowledge required of the nursing professional in the education setting. Professional licensure “ensures standard preparation, knowledge, and practice” of the school nurse (University of Illinois/Chicago). The school setting differs from more traditional nurse settings such as hospitals and clinics. Some functions, such as completion of health assessments for special education casework and teaching, require professionally licensed school nurses. Endorsement is granted by the Illinois State Board of Education after the completion of mandatory coursework and a passing score on the school nurse content exam.

Requirements for the School Service Personnel Professional Educator License with endorsement in School Nursing

  • Baccalaureate degree
  • Licensed as a registered professional nurse in Illinois
  • Passage of the Test of Academic Proficiency through the Illinois State Board of Education OR a score of 22 or above on the ACT with at least a score of 6 on the Writing component OR a score of 1110 and a minimum score of 26 on writing and language.
  • Completion of an approved school nurse certification program for entitlement recommendation for Professional Educator License with endorsement in school nursing.
  • 300 hour internship under supervision of a fully qualified school nurse. (NOTE: As of July 1, 1981, the school nurse internship must be provided by an institution of higher education, i.e. college or university, as part of an approved program; the internship requirement usually amounts to a ten (10) week experience, supplemented by one or more seminars.
  • Passage of the School Nurse Content examination through the Illinois State Board of Education

(Source: Amended at 28 Ill. Reg. 8556, effective June 1, 2004)

School Nurse Programs prepare candidates for Professional Educator License with endorsement in school nursing.

These are the current, active, and approved programs in Illinois through which the courses and the school nurse internship for the School Nurse Certification/Endorsement may be obtained. The coordinator or contact person for each program is listed below.

Applications for the Professional Educator License with School Nurse Endorsement are processed through the office of the Educational Service Region Superintendent. All candidates must successfully complete examinations administered by the State Teacher Licensing Board before a Professional Educator License endorsed in school nursing will be issued.

Illinois Continuing Education Requirements

RN Licensure

Illinois registered nurses are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education per pre-renewal period. The pre-renewal period is the 24 months prior to the expiration date on the license. This requirement went into effect June, 2010. More information about continuing education and the Illinois Nurse Practice Act may be found at

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Continuing Education Equivalencies
1 contact hour = 60 minutes
1 contact hour = 1 CE
1 academic semester hour = 15 contact hours/15 CE
1 academic quarter hour = 12.5 contact hours/12.5 CE
1 CME = 1 contact hour/1 CE
1 CNE = 1 contact hour/1 CE
1 AMA = 1 contact hour
1 CEU = 1 CE
Illinois School Nurse Certification Renewal
The rule making for Part 25 (Educator Licensure) – renewal is now completed and in effect as of Nov. 3, 2014. The rules have been published.

This rule change affects all school personnel holding Professional Educator License, regardless of area of endorsement. Please review the attached or for the entire rule, see “Rules Currently in Effect” under the Part 25 at
Look particularly at Sub-part J Section 25.800.

Please note this requirement written in the rule: Upon application for renewal of a professional educator license endorsed in school support personnel, the licensee shall indicate in ELIS whether he or she holds a current and active professional license listed in subsection (c)(1) and electronically sign an assurance that the professional development requirements for that license were met.

In short, RN’s licensed by ISBE as school nurses will need to, at the time of their renewal period, enter the ELIS and provide affirmation that they still hold an active Illinois RN license and are up to date on professional development required for that licensure. ELIS can be accessed at this website:“Those individuals who hold the IDFPR license are deemed to have satisfied the renewal requirement (120 hours) and only have to pay registration fees on the educator license.”

National School Nurse Certification Renewal

National certification requires 75 hours of continuing education (CNE) or approved credits related to school nursing practice per 5 year renewal period.  The Illinois contact person is Ginger Barnes  at

For information click here:

CNE Applications

Because CPDU’s are no longer required for Educator Licensure renewal, IASN will no longer offer CPDU’s, but will concentrate on ANCC approved Continuing Nursing Education contact hours.

IASN will assist divisions in applying for CNE’s for IASN sponsored meetings. Divisions must apply by the stated deadline in order to allow time required for processing requests. IASN will not provide CNE’s for non-IASN sponsored events. Each IASN member is responsible for maintaining a personal record of all educational offerings attended.

Currently, IASN is in the process of application to become an Approved Provider of Continuing Nursing Education through the Midwest MSD who is an ANCC accredited approver.

CNE deadline- 90 days before event or meeting. Contact your division ed/cert chairman.

Education Offerings

IASN offers an annual convention in the fall of each year.  Our national organization (NASN) offers a multi-day convention each June. You may find NASN information at

For current offerings refer to Upcoming Events or the Event Calendar.

Educational institutions, agencies and other organizations are encouraged to submit information about education offerings and other activities which may be of interest to school nurses.

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